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About me and how I can help you

Warren Croce

I’ve always enjoyed problem solving – understanding the need, both from a customer and business perspective, looking at it from 30,000 feet, trying many ideas, iterating, and hopefully in the end creating a simple and delightful solution.

I’ve never claimed to be the smartest person in the room. The fact that I’ve made it this far is due more to curiosity, empathy, and persistence than anything else.

Ultimately I am a product designer because through design I can help and delight people. That’s what drives me.
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If you’re a designer new to the field, check out this article I wrote for UXmatters. I also offer free in-person mentoring once/month. Contact me at


About First Use

I obsess over “first use” – a user’s very first experience with a product or service. It’s the make or break moment, the instant when they decide whether they will tell five friends how great (or bad) your “thing” is. Read my “4 Tips for a Great First Use Experience” published in UX Matters and learn about some simple methods you can start using today to improve your customer’s first use experience with your product or service.

My Tools

I have used many tools over the years, but on a daily basis, these are my go-to’s.


I use sticky notes to quickly generate ideas for content or widgets. They are especially useful if I am working with a group and want to gather feedback from everyone present – each person writes or draws. I use different colors to represent different types of content or ideas. I use Sharpies because they are thick and more conducive to quickly sketching/thinking.


Another great collaborative tool, I use large post-it paper (18×24) to stick to the wall and capture notes and stickies. I often don’t have the luxury of dedicated wall space so this allows me to take the results of a working session with me.



I’ve been using Axure for about 8 years and use it almost every day in my work. It’s an incredibly versatile wireframing tool. I might die without it.


I use Sketch for visual design comps. is great for testing basic interactions where you don’t need a very targeted user group with knowledge of your domain. It’s unmoderated so you don’t have the opportunity to ask probing questions and have a dialog with the participant, so you need to anticipate issues and include follow up questions in writing.

Finally, Confluence (or similar wiki) is really important to me as a means of keeping a project’s progress organized. I urge team members to get design discussions out of email and Slack and make it more collaborative and centralized.


Staples logo

Warren walked into an environment undergoing a massive site redesign (front and back end); he jumped in on a project that drives a lot of customer conversion with both feet and didn’t look back! Warren is strong at design thinking and driving cross-functional design sessions to tackle a problem. I would have Warren by my side on a team any day and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again!”

Kristina Bosland

Director of User Experience, Staples

“Warren has provided tremendous value to Gazelle in a very short time. He established himself not only as UX expert, but as an integral part of our team from day one. He brings a depth of expertise in UX and information hierarchy and delivers well thought out designs, quickly. He does not require a lot of direction, is a great problem solver, and proactively collaborates with people at all levels and across functions. In each of his assignments he delivered designs that provide a “crazy awesome” experience for our customers.”

Eliza Royal

Director of Product Management, Gazelle

“Warren has a truly unique perspective which transcends everything you’ve read about “human factors” and makes him invaluable: it’s called simplicity. He possesses an incredible knack for ‘boiling it down’ and ‘keeping it real’ in the midst of everyone else looking inward and overthinking potential solutions.”

Brad Edmond

Sr. Web Marketing Manager, QuickBase, Intuit

“We hired Warren to work on an extremely complex web app. He got up to speed quickly and wasn’t daunted by the technical details. He worked with minimal supervision and was accountable for his product from day one. He’s a strong collaborator, a seasoned designer and a pleasure to work with.”

Gideon Ansell

UX Manager, QuickBase, Intuit

“Warren designed a UX between our customers’ confirmed orders and their first use of our services. The new interface allows our customers to have a much deeper, more customized relationship with our company than they have ever been able to have before. We expect this will have a very material favorable impact on retention and profitability. Warren was a pleasure to work with, using his experience and expertise to take leadership of the project. He works in a very open and dynamic manner which makes it easy to have a feedback, discussion, revision, re-build and feedback loop that helped us achieve our ultimate objective very well.”

Robert Israel

President, Consumer Direct Marketing, Hooked on Phonics

“Warren has worked on a variety of projects for Cartera. He helped move forward our responsive design initiative and also worked on a couple of innovation pipeline initiatives including our mobile app. Warren’s dependable and is particularly good at translating requirements into wireframe designs – and he does it quickly. A pleasure to work with…”

B.J. Morgan

Sr. Director, Product Management, Cartera Commerce

genus communications
“Working with Warren has been a real pleasure. He quickly grasped our needs, and helped us realize what was possible for our new websites. Warren has a great eye and an attention to detail that doesn’t over complicate. The work we did with him on our website and for an iPhone app was elegant and well executed. I highly recommend him.”

Chuck Wisner

Founder, Genus Communications

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